Top 5 Stephen King novels

With Stephen King’s masterpiece ‘Under the Dome’ airing now on Channel 5, already being compared to hit series ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Doctor Who’ we thought we’d celebrate some of his best works.

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1Under the Dome

The best seller science fiction novel in which a dome is placed over an entire town, cutting it off from the world. With diminishing supplies and a fight for power within the dome the tale unravels the truths in our own society.

“This is a novel that will keep readers up all night, then haunt their dreams when they finally sleep. It is perhaps King’s finest novel since The Stand, and that’s just about the highest praise I can give.” The Book Score

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In Carrie we follow a high-school girl who discovers she has telekinetic powers, which she soon uses to get revenge on those who tease her. Made famous by the film adaptation in 1976. This year we are expecting a remake starring Chloe Grace Moretz (Hit Girl, from Kick Ass)

“Carrie is an iconic horror story that just about everybody knows the ending to. I think even before I saw the movie as a teenager, I knew what happened. So it’s to Stephen King’s credit that, even for a reader armed with an awareness of exactly what’s going to go down, Carrie remains a compelling, engaging and suspenseful page-turner.” Good Reads

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5The Shining

Referred to by some as the most frightening book they have ever read. Made into a blockbuster directed by Stanley Kubrick, which gave birth the famous line by Jack Nicholson “Here’s Johnny!” . The story follows a recovering alcoholic, who accepts a job as a caretaker at an isolated hotel. He soon moves his wife and son there, of who has physic abilities, which enable him to see the horrific past of the hotel. A storm brews and cuts them off from the outside world, which allows an evil force to spring into life, which puts the family in danger.

“The way the book weaves nature idealism, mental illness, marital tribulations, ghosts, ghouls, hauntings and alcoholism is virtuosity personified.” What Culture

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The story follows seven children who are being terrorized by an evil being which exploits their fears and phobias whilst ‘hunting them’.  Not one to read if you are particularly scared of clowns.

“I haven’t read a book which really scared me. The Shining, also by King, had a few moments. But IT definitely surpassed The Shining on the scary factor. So, I guess you could say…it’s official. IT is the scariest book I’ve ever read.” Good Reads

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3The Stand

Voted one of the best books of the 20th Century, The Stand tells the story of a small group of survivors, whilst the rest of humanity has been wiped out by a super flu. When trying to create a democratic society for the sake of humanity, another group has other ideas and searches for nuclear weapons to carry out a diabolical plan.

“A shockingly beautiful novel set in a harsh world, The Stand is practically unrivalled in its excellence. A book that boils down to human nature and good versus evil in its purest form, it speaks to all of us. This is the one that completely blew the doors off of King’s career.”

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