Top 5 vintage halloween horror films

Ever wondered why people dress up as prom queens with blood all over them at Halloween? Or why the name ‘Freddy Krueger’ sends chills down Mums spine?

We’ve broken down the top vintage horror classics into 5 points, so you’ll be up to speed with your horror film knowledge this halloween. Please note, if you haven’t watched these fils, there are, ahem, spoilers. 

1-carrieCarrie, 1976
£6.99, Readers Digest

  1. Girl gets period
  2. Girl gets bullied at school
  3. Gets unexpected invitation to prom
  4. Girl gets a prank pulled on her
  5. Kills everyone

omenThe Omen, 1976
£6.99, Readers Digest

  1. Man swaps still born baby for a newborn baby boy
  2. Boy grows up being evil
  3. Boy has a violent fit when taken into a church
  4. Priest says boy is the Antichrist
  5. Boy is Antichrist, weird stuff goes down.

3-dracula Dracula, 1931
£6.99, Readers Digest

  1. Estate agent sells house to a 500 year old vampire
  2. Vampire bites estate agent and enslaves him
  3. Vampire goes around biting everyone
  4. Van Helsing, a vampire expert tries to stop him
  5. Vampire stabbed in heart with stake, dies.

4 - nightmare Nightmare on Elm Street, 1984
£6,99, Readers Digest

  1. Loads of teenagers in the same area are having the same nightmares
  2. It turns out, former child murderer (Freddy Krueger), has the power to kill them in their sleep
  3. Freddy tries to get revenge for being burned alive by children for his crimes
  4. No one can sleep ever again
  5. Ever

5 - the exorcistThe Exorcist, 1975
£5.99, Readers Digest

  1. 12 year old girl is being moody and stuff (typical)
  2. Girl gets ugly welts on her face and starts being blasphemous (teenagers)
  3. Girl chucks someone out her window, kills them.
  4. Does a backwards crab down the stairs and rotates head 360 degrees (impressive)
  5. Everyone thinks she’s posessed, she has an exorcism