Top Diet Tips for Healthier Skin

There are plenty of organic lotions and potions you can slap on your skin to make it look and feel better, but Content boutique founder Imelda Burke claims it is also important to nourish it from the inside out. According to beauty expert Imelda, organic produce can be a key component to your beauty regime if you want your skin to shine.

Some products can give your skin an instant glow, but a more permanent fix can only be achieved by looking after your body from the inside. This should give you a healthy shine that no amount of moisturisers and blushers can hope to better. Small changes to your diet can make a huge difference to your skin.


Introduce lots of organic greens to your diet, such as organic broccoli, seasonal cabbage and tender young spinach. You can munch your way through a whole box of organic vegetables and not feel a shred of guilt. If you’re not a vegetable fan, simply spike a fruit smoothy with some organic green vegetable powder and slurp your way to a healthy gleam.

Avoid refined sugar, which is known to dull your complextion and encourage wrinkles, and drink, drink and drink some more. No, that isn’t an excuse to open that bottle of wine in the fridge – it’s water that has to be downed like, erm, water. You don’t have to spend a fortune on expensive bottles, either. There are plenty of bottles of good-value water around, or you can get yourself an inexpensive water filter jug. There’s no point in spending a fortune on expensive skin creams and lotions if you haven’t got the basics covered.

Boost your magnesium levels. If your diet isn’t doing it, invest in some magnesium tablets (Holland & Barrett – £9.99) to give your skin cells a boost. The next piece of advice might sound a big strange when we’re talking about increasing the health of your skin, but eating more fat can really be a help. The key to this, however, is choosing the right fats. It’s not a green light to gorge on fried chicken and cheap sausages; it’s a call to increase your consumption of so-called ‘healthy fats’ – those that contain omega 3. Treat yourself to some oily wild fish or add some flaxseed oil to your diet. Keep going with the oils. Your larger organs will benefit first, but your skin will eventually start to show the effects, displaying a healthy glow that you might not have seen for years.

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