Top Five Novelty Easter Eggs

You may want to cry after getting on the scales following the Easter chocolate fest, so make sure you get a laugh in first. Here are five of the funniest Easter eggs around that should make it on to your wish list if you want to start your pre-summer diet with a smile.

Love it or hate it, you can’t fail to be amused by the idea of a Marmite-inspired egg. The thought of a Marmite Milk Chocolate Easter Egg, which comes with an added helping of cashew nuts and chocolate that tastes of the black stuff, might make you wrinkle up your nose at first. But admit it – you want to give it a go. The same could be said for the even stranger-sounding Pot Noodle Chocolate Easter Egg. But fear not, as this is actually a normal chocolate egg offered up for noodle lovers in a ceramic mug with a ‘Love Pot Noodle’ badge. If that all sounds a bit ordinary, you could always splash a little sachet of tomato ketchup or soy sauce on top of your egg and eat it with a fork.


If your friends and family are always ribbing you about the amount of time you spend playing matching games on your phone or tablet, they’ve probably already put their order in for a Candy Crush mug and eggs set. If sitting with a cuppa watching hit TV comedy series Family Guy is more your thing, then you could ask for the Family Guy Easter Set, which comes with an egg, a mug and a Stewie Fridge Magnet.

And if you don’t care what type of egg you get and don’t really want to eat like a pig, see if you can resist eating a pig instead. The James Large Pig Easter Egg from John Lewis sure looks good enough to eat!

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