Top New Gadgets at the Consumer Electronics Show 2015


It’s an exciting time of year for tech-heads. The Consumer Electronics Show 2015 has opened in Las Vegas, unveiling the gadgets of tomorrow. So what lifestyle-changing pieces of electronic equipment can we look forward to having on our shopping list in the next few months and years?

Arguably, the highest-profile product launch is not exactly new. The Sony Walkman was an icon of its time – the original portable music player. Brands such as Apple and Samsung updated the concept with the iPod and MP3 players, consigning the Walkman to gadget history, but Sony has come back fighting with the NW-ZX2 High-Resolution Walkman. Retailing at £949, this snazzy new music player will be available to buy from March this year.

So what other products were unveiled at the CES 2015?

Rollkers are prototype electric roller skates. Designed by Frenchman Paul Chavand, they aim to enable users to double their walking speed and are said to feel like walking on airport travelators. It’s hoped the prototype will be perfected in a couple of years.



There was good news for cyclists as two new gadgets were demonstrated. Volvo, in partnership with POC and Ericsson, have developed a prototype cycling helmet which works with smartphone fitness apps to alert both cyclists and Volvo car drivers of any potential collision risk.

Meanwhile, French company Connected Cycle showed off a smart pedal which warns a cyclist if their bike is moved and keeps track of its location, helping to combat bike theft.

Photos by: Sony, Digital Trends, Connected Cycle, Tech Radar

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