Top pumpkin products this Halloween

Halloween is nearly here and for us Brits it normally means a half-hearted attempt at dressing up and carving a pumpkin! To get into the Halloween spirit here’s a few spooky facts about Pumpkins
  • In the UK and US alone enough pumpkins are sold to stretch from London to Transylvania!
  • Enough Pumpkins are sold to make 41 million pumpkin pies
  • The total weight of pumpkins sold in the UK & US equates to 223 million tarantulas!
We’ve searched our 3,000 retailers high and low for the best pumpkin products around- from pumpkin lego to halloween dress up for your dog, they have it all!

Top pumpkin products this Halloween

ppLe Creuset Petite Pumpkin Casserole

£20.00 at John Lewis

Perfect for aHalloween, this cute Petite Pumpkin stoneware casserole is great for individual portions or as a sharing dish for ghoulish dips and sauces.

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dogHalloween Pumpkin Knitted Dog Jumper

£26.00 at

Dress your little pooch in this pumpkin knit for a treat! its really easy to put on and harness and leads will fit over the top- great for keeping the cold out this Halloween!

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knifeKuhn Rikon Colori 20cm Pumpkin Knife

£18.61 at Tesco

No pumpkins are safe this Halloween! Cut through the largest of pumpkins, hollow out and de-seed with this all in one knife.

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headLego pumpkin storage head

£15.00 at Alex and Alexa

The perfect Halloween treat for Lego lovers! This storage head is perfect for holding Halloween tricks or treats- you decide!

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cropCornershop Pumpkin Face Crop Tee

£28.00 at Urban Outfitters

Not up to fancy dress this year? Keep it chilled with this relaxed crop fit tee featuring a graphic print of a pumpkin.

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pupPumpkin Pie Filling

£3.29 at Selfridges

Bake up a delightful treat this Halloween and wow everyone with a traditional American Pumpkin Pie! Use thi sfilling for an authentic 100% real pumpkin taste!

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