Top Six Mother’s Day Food Gifts


Your mum spent years of her life feeding you, so why not return the favour this Mother’s Day? There are some lovely food gifts out there that will really show you care. Check out our top six and get your orders in soon. Mind you, with gifts this great, your mum would probably forgive you if they turned up late.

If your mum is the healthy-living type, then a Mark’s and Spencer Mother’s Day Fruit Bowl is the ideal gift. Just make sure she’s left with more than just the ceramic bowl at the end of your visit. For an even more extravagant gift, you could have a Celebration Fruit Hamper delivered. Wouldn’t it be a real shame if your mum didn’t want to spoil her figure by eating the Belgian chocolate cake that comes with this one? You’d just have to force yourself to take it off her hands.


For chocolate-loving mums there is far more on offer than a simple box of coffee creams and Turkish delights. If your mum likes the finer things in life, hand over a box of decadent Charbonnel et Walker Milk and Pink Champagne Truffles from John Lewis or a Harrods Luxury Chocolate Selection. Just the name will tell your mum how much you think she’s worth.

If you’re going to be around on Mother’s Day morning, you could treat your mum to a luxury breakfast or brunch in bed. British Fine Foods will even deliver all of the ingredients to your door. A Mothering Sunday Luxury Breakfast in Bed (£40) pack contains Scottish smoked salmon, quail eggs, freshly baked artisan bread, black pepper and strawberry jam and a delicious bottle of sparkling wine. Yum! If you’re not going to make it to see your mum until lunchtime or later, how about taking along a Perfect Paella Kit? Stock up on some fish and seafood and you’ve got dinner all ready to go. Just make sure that your mum doesn’t end up cooking it herself.

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