Top Storage Solutions to Get Your Home Ready for Autumn


We’ll say it in hushed tones, but the fact remains that autumn is on its way, which means that it won’t be long before you’ll be spending more times indoors than maybe you have for the last couple of months. That’s why it’s the perfect time to start decluttering. If spring is the time for cleaning, the end of summer and start of autumn come a close second as the ideal period to ensure that your home is as comfortable as possible so that you can enjoy those long, cosy evenings. The simple word ‘decluttering’ can be enough to strike fear into your heart, however, especially if you’re a bit of a hoarder who likes to be surrounded by your special ‘things’. But actually, with some clever storage solutions it doesn’t have to mean multiple trips to the charity shop or your local tip. Just take a look at some of these ideas, and you’ll be instantly convinced that decluttering could actually be quite fun after all.

Sometimes clever storage is about hiding things in plain sight, and there’s no prettier way of stashing items away than with the help of Rosie Moss’ silkscreen-printed Vessel Clouds Print Containers, £26 without a handle or £28 for one with a leather handle in colour-popping yellow. It’s Scandinavian in style with a nod to mid-century fashion; the items are printed in the Rosie Moss studio in Birmingham and are created using Yorkshire linen. Beautiful baskets are another great tool of the trade for a dedicated declutterer. They’re great for stashing away newspapers and odds and ends that can take up too much space on surfaces around your home. Orange is big news in interior design right now, and so you can’t go wrong with the £50 Medium Kinodo Basket from Unique and Unity. It’s a really durable basket that can also be used to cover a plant pot – and it’s environmentally friendly. It’s made by hand by local artisans in Kenya and offers an ideal mix of traditional African craft and Finnish design. You can also stick with the natural theme by investing in a coconut palm leaf Kottebo Basket, £16 from Ikea, which has handy handles if you want to move it around. Another option is the stylish and affordable £13 banana fibre Nasum Basket, also from Ikea.

Making use of wall space can be a great way of adding extra storage options in your home. We’re not just talking about simple shelving, either. Say goodbye to piles of clothes on the floor by investing in some Georg Hangers with Leather Strings, available at Scandi Living for £45. The Christina Liljenberg Halstrom design simply hangs down below a wooden rack. It’s no wonder that Danish firm Skagerak are said to be so cool right now. Wire wall units are another excellent alternative to traditional shelving, adding a rustic aesthetic and industrial style to any room. The likes of the Waffle unit, £95 from Loaf, and the Wall-Mounted Wire Storage Shelving Unit, £59.95 from Rockett St George, are also really practical. Access is easy, and they’re so versatile they can be used in almost any room of your house, whether you want to store bathroom products or kitchen items or simply use them to display plants and free up other surface space in a lounge.

Home offices are a magnet for clutter, which is not good news considering many people find that a clear space aids a clear mind. To help you free your thoughts, ensure that you have plenty of storage for all those papers and pens and invest in a desk with storage. A really stylish choice is the Japanese-inspired Marks & Spencer Nayoko Desk, £549. Made from stunning oak and complemented with copper detailing and black lacquer, this is the perfect addition to a small office space. An even more comprehensive solution comes in the form of the Maja Mini Office 9560, which is a complete set-up of shelving unit, cupboard, drawers and desk, It’s on sale right now for £299 at Furniture Haus Direct, making it a great time to invest in creating a tidier home.