Top Techy Gadget Gifts for Your Dad This Father’s Day


Most dads like gadgets and gizmos, and Firebox is a great place to look for techy gifts whatever your budget. At just £15.99, the Smartphone Projector 2.0 is a top bargain buy that will let your dad project his favourite images and home movies straight on to the wall of a darkened room. It’s a great way for him to enjoy anything from his escapades on his last holiday to his first memory of a grandchild. The projector is suitable for Android and iPhone iOS phones and is wide enough to fit even the iPhone 6 Plus. If you want to spend a bit more, how about a MiP for £89.99? This clever little robot can be controlled using hand movements after you download the app from an Android or iOS device. He’ll then do lots of things, from playing games to performing tricks and dancing. Just make sure your dad doesn’t start spending more time with MiP than he does with your mum.

I Want One of Those, or IWOOT for those in the know, is another site worth a look if you’re on the look-out for a gadget gift. One of the most popular presents out there right now is the Sphero Robotic Ball Gaming System, priced at £79.99. This smartphone- or tablet-controlled ball can provide hours of gaming fun thanks to more than 20 associated apps, including Golf and Drive. It can also be used as an advanced palm controller for games such as Chromo and Sphero Exile. Dad will be able to challenge the rest of the family to games such as Tippsy and Pass the Sphero and can even have a go with it in water if he fancies making a splash. If your dad is the gadget king, how about getting him his own throne in the form of an Inflatable Gadget Chair, priced at £49.99? Its other title of the Everything Chair gives you a good idea of the number of uses it can have. This chunky inflatable is designed to mould around dad’s body to keep him comfy through hours of looking at a screen, and the Aux cable means it can be transformed into a multimedia hub connected to any media device boasting a 3.5mm jack, from an MP3 player to a games console. There are speakers in the headrest and lots of storage for magazines or remote controls, as well as a handy cup holder.

Want to browse a selection of practical and unusual gift ideas? Have a look at Gizoo, where you could snap up anything from a Q4 Nano Quadcopter, £34.99, to a £29.95 Virtual Reality Headset which can be used with most smartphones to give your dad a VR experience at a very reasonable price. Another one-stop shop for gadgets is Red5. Check out the Powerup 3.0 for £39.99, which will let your dad control almost any paper plane with his smartphone, or have a laugh at his expense by getting him a pair of LED Musical Shades – a bargain at just £6.95. If your dad’s a James Bond fan, how about a Spy Watch 4GB, priced at £79.95? This is so much more than just a watch; it can also take photographs and record audio and video. Its storage capacity means it can take hours of ‘surveillance’ footage in AVI format ready for his computer. Just make sure his other half knows he’s got it, or you might be in trouble.

If your dad’s a shower singer, what about getting him a Bluetooth Shower Speaker Phone and Radio, £25 from Gadgets UK? It’ll let him sing along to his favourite tunes – or at least make sure that everyone else in the house is at least a little bit protected from his terrible voice – or he can practise his multi-tasking by taking calls whilst getting ready in the morning. If he’s forever losing his keys, or the remote control, have a look at the £25 SmartFinder Key Finder, which will activate an 85 decibel alarm to help him in his search – as long as what he has lost isn’t more than 25 metres away. Does you dad constantly moan about the price of power? Get him a Solar Tree Charger, £69.95 from The Discovery Store, which uses nine panels to charge up digital devices. Or how about a Chef Tablet Stand and Stylus, £19.95, also from The Discovery Store, for the budding chef in your life? He’ll be able to read all his favourite online recipes without his tablet getting covered in food. Whatever gift you decide on, make sure you all have a great time this Father’s Day.