Top ten hottest Christmas gifts for 2012

We’ve heard rumours about the top tech and gadgets to be released in Christmas 2012. But what do we really think are going to be the top ten hottest gifts this Christmas?

The nights are drawing in and it’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas gift ideas. And during a time of giving, shopping through Give as you Live comes with a welcome extra bonus. In fact, shoppers who snap up everything on the list before the stores run out will raise £50 for their charity in one fell swoop – at no extra cost to them. That’s not a bad return for getting the loved ones something they really want this Christmas!



Arcadie for iPhone

The Arcadie for your iPhone makes an unusual Christmas gift or relatively cheap stocking-filler by turning your mobile device into a slice of retro-gaming heaven.

Here’s what the reviewers at Slash Gear said about it: “It’s a fun little product that’s also simple to use. At £14.99, it would make a very inexpensive gift or indulgence. The gaming selection is pretty limited right now though, so how much value you get out of it depends on how many more games become available in the future and if developers show any interest. Still, it’s cheap, and a nice way to kill some time or avoid doing work.”



VW Camper Tent

Is it a van? Is it a tent? It’s actually a bit of both. This VW camper tent from Firebox will bring a bit of retro chic to any festival in the New Year – without costing as much as the full-blown motor. But it’s not just an unusual Christmas gift – it’s practical too. The Daily Mail says: “Each ‘pop-up’ tent contains two zip-separated double-size rooms and provides enough sleeping space for four or five people. It measures 398cm long, 187cm high and 155cm deep, meaning it is even big enough to stand up in. The fabric roof and sides have a waterproof rating greater than the British Military specification, ensuring the tent will provide an effective shelter.”



Lego Batcave

This  Lego Batcave, available from the Lego store, is definitely a Christmas gift for the kids. We advise you take out your Batwallet and say goodbye to those Batreadies, because this is one Batgift they’ll definitely want. Says one enthusiastic Batreviewer on the Lego website (we don’t know their age): “This is my first DC universe set and I love it! You get five mini figures and three are exclusive to this set! You get the dark blue batman, the one that appears more in the comics. You get Batarangs. The Robin figure is the best Robin Lego has released. Poison Ivy is angry, and she should be since Lego always place her into cells. Bane is… Bane.”



Fifty Shades Trilogy

Putting the X-rated into Xmas, this gift is definitely not one for the kids. It’s also something of a Marmite read for adults. One thing you can’t dispute is its popularity, and love it or hate it, you have to read it to be informed.

As Wikipedia says, “The series has sold 40 million copies worldwide, with book rights having been sold in 37 countries, and set the record as the fastest-selling paperback of all time, surpassing the Harry Potter series,” while also noting: “Critical reception of the novel has been mixed.” You can see for yourself at WHSmith.



Kindle Keyboard 3G

Like the feel – and smell – of a real book? We do too – but come on, it’s time to join the 21st century! Amazon’s Kindle device, combining free wireless with liquid ink technology, is essentially magic. Says one Amazon reviewer: “the only thing I miss is being able to re-read the cover and back page when I put it to rest after a long read. There’s something satisfying about absorbing the cover and imprinting it on your memory, especially after you finish the last page of a book. Anyway, it’s a minor point. In every other detail the Kindle is a superior reading experience.” This is a Christmas gift that really will keep on giving for any booklover in your life.



Novel Kindle Covers

If you also miss the feel of a “real” book, Amazon are hoping these novel Kindle covers could just tip you over the edge into a sale. There are several different designs to choose from, and we just think they give a nice old-fashioned feel to the age-old practice of reading a good book.

Here’s a nice Wizard of Oz cover, with lots more available on the site.

Grab them fast, though –  they’re proving very popular. Please note that these covers will only fit the Kindle Keyboard (and Kobo Keyboard).



Barbie: Twilight Bride Bella

This doll, available from Tesco, is based on Kristin Stewart’s role as Bella in the Twilight saga’s Breaking Dawn. A perfect present for girls, says: “Look, we know it’s hard to be on a budget when you’re a dedicated Twihard. There’s just so much cool Twilight merchandise … and never enough cash to buy it all! Obviously, not everybody can afford to fork out for a replica wedding dress. But what is much more manageable in price? Special edition Bella and Edward wedding Barbie dolls!” … yes, there is also an Edward doll available so Bella isn’t left hanging at the altar this Christmas.



Pandora Necklace

This lovely bit of Yuletide bling is available from the Jewel Hut, which says: “Create your perfect necklace by collecting beads, clips, spacers and security chains that allow you to easily create a stylish and individual charm necklace to suit changing fashions.” This necklace comes with two silver star beads, charm stars and a final beautiful decorative bead to create a constellation of dazzlement on any lucky lady’s neckline.

If you’re looking for Christmas gifts for her, get this beauty for a loved one this Christmas and you will be in the good books for at least until New Year!



Dr Who Remote Control

From Christmas gifts for the lady in your life, to Christmas gifts for him. It’s not just a replica for Dr Who geeks everywhere. It commands any remote-control gadgets by gesture alone, no buttons required. You can save up to 39 different gesture commands. Buy it from BBCSHOP.COM. The Radio Times says: “I tested it out on a docked iPod hi-fi and it worked very well. There is something extremely satisfying about skipping through tracks with the flick of a Sonic Screwdriver, and possibly even more so in rotating it as a virtual volume knob. Be warned, though, this much control could give you a bit of a power complex. This is what turned The Master bad…”



Google Nexus 7

When it comes to tablet devices, Apple’s iPad often seems ubiquitous. However, Google’s Nexus 7 tablet could be set to make inroad this Christmas, offering some impressive specifications at a very reasonable price-point. Tech Radar says: “It may not tread a lot of new ground, but the Nexus 7 is a solid performer and easily the best tablet around for the thriftier buyer.”

You can buy one today from Very. We’d recommend wrapping it up now to be sure you don’t start playing with it before the big day!




So… those were our top ten Christmas gift list ideas

Yes, those are our top ten “must-have” gifts for your Christmas list. And totting them up, they do raise an impressive £52.22 for charity when you buy them through Give as you Live. Is there anything we’ve missed? Let us know by leaving your comments below.