Top ten ‘May the fourth’ be with you’ products

Greetings young Padawans, many things to show you I have.

Today is probably the best day to celebrate this summer, Star Wars Day. If you hadn’t guessed it already Star Wars day is celebrated on May 4th, ‘May the fourth be with you’, in reference to the popular phrase in Star Wars: ‘May the Force be with you.’.

Why not celebrate with a Star Wars get-together, you could have a Star Wars movie marathon or test your Star Wars knowledge with a themed game. Lightsaber fights and jedi training is optional. Eat wookie cookies, drink yoda soda and bake yourself some wookie cookies, or go all out and throw a BBQ complete with Jah Jah ribs.

To celebrate, we’ve put together our Top ten favourite Star Wars products, let us know your favourite in the comments below or tweet us @giveasyoulive using #MaytheFourth

For charity raise money when you shop online, you can. Use the force that is Give you Live, it costs not you money.

star_wars_boxset darth_clock star_wars_chop R2D2 star_wars_william cookiejar yoda_light star_wars_lego star_wars_angrybirds origami Image Map

Star Wars: The Complete Saga – Blu-ray

Have a mega movie marathon and watch all the Star Wars episodes, IN THE CORRECT ORDER. And that fellow Jedi’s, is not Episodes 1-6…it is in fact ep IV-VI and then ep I-III, that is the way they were released and thus the way the story is meant to be told.

Lego Star Wars: Darth Vader Figure Clock

Be careful you don’t wake up on the dark side with the Darth Vader alarm clock, complete with that all important snooze button.

Star Wars Chop Sabers

No longer is using chopsticks a struggle, all you need to do is use the force to eat tricky noodle dishes.

Star Wars Life-size Cut-Outs (R2-D2)

Ever thought how good of a friend R2-D2 was to Luke Skywalker? Us too, that’s exactly the reason why we want a life-size cut out of this lovely little robot in our lounge.

William Shakespeare’s Star Wars

If William Shakespeare and George Lucas had a baby, this would be the outcome – Star Wars as told by Shakespeare: “In time so long ago begins our play, In star-crossed galaxy far, far away.”

Death Star Cookie Jar

Hide cookies away in the death star and prepare for an epic battle if anyone should go fourth a touch your wookie cookies.

Lego Star Wars: Yoda Keylight

Do you sometimes wish you could carry wise old Yoda in your pocket all the time for life advice. Well, with this handy little torch keyring you can – minus the life advice, you’re on your own there.

Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon (7965)
Spend hours building the most famous ship from the saga and then sit back and marvel at your work and the time you spent building it that you will never get back.

Angry Birds Star Wars Jenga Darth Vader

Fan of Star Wars + fan of Angry Birds + fan of Jenga = ULTIMATE GAME. Catapult the Jedi birds to hunt for Darth Vader.

Star Wars Origami

Become a Jedi master in origami and create your own miniatures of your favourite characters. As you progress through the book, the craft becomes harder, taking you from Youngling to Jedi master – will you use the force?