Top Ten Supermarket Birthday Cakes for Kids for Less Than £15


Most mums would love to be able to bake the perfect birthday cake for their youngsters every year, but some simply don’t have the time – or the skill. If you couldn’t make your own, it used to be that the only real alternative was a costly bakery affair, but thankfully times have changed. There’s no shame in buying from the supermarket these days, largely because some of the cakes on offer are really great. Still not convinced? Take a look at our top ten birthday cakes for kids – available from a supermarket near you for less than £15.

  1. Disney’s Big Hero 6 film has been a massive hit this year, and so it’s no surprise that Baymax has found himself on the top of a birthday cake. The hand-decorated Big Hero 6 Cake from Sainsbury’s costs £10 and should serve 18.
  2. A great choice for younger children is a Peppa Pig Celebration Cake from Sainsbury’s. It costs £10 and is big enough to allow you to put a piece in a dozen party bags at least.
  3. Whether you’re a fan of the Mr Men books or not, it’s hard to deny that the Mr Bump Celebration Cake, £12 from Tesco, is well designed and fun. This is not one for children who don’t like icing, though, although the tangy raspberry and plum jam inside does a good job of taming the sweetness – slightly.
  4. You can be confident that almost any cake you buy from Waitrose will taste great, and the £11 Hidden Treasure Cake is no exception. Little pirates will love its treasure map design, and how many children will not like a cake that is made of chocolate sponge, chocolate ganache, white chocolate and milk chocolate malt balls
  5. For girls, the £10 Waitrose Fairy Cake is a magical choice. The Madeira sponge is moist and the buttercream filling delicious, meaning it will be a treat for the adults as well.
  6. Sainsbury’s Handbag & Shoe Madeira Cake is a stylish choice for an older girl. At £9 it is a great bargain-buy and the moist Madeira packed with raspberry jam and buttercream tastes surprisingly good.
  7. Younger children will be enthralled by the Waitrose Lucky Lamb Cake and all its white chocolate goodness, whilst you should love its surprisingly reasonable £9 price tag.
  8. For something a little different that is just right for little movie buffs, check out the Chosen by You Toffee Popcorn Surprise Cake, £12 from Asda, which is made from chocolate sponge and lots and lots of toffee.
  9. The Little Miss Princess Celebration Cake, £12, is a new addition to the Asda celebration cakes range and will serve 20, if you can bear to cut into that cute little face.
  10. The Despicable Me Celebration Cake, £10 from Tesco, has been around for a while (the design not the cake!), but with the new Minions film set to be a massive pre-teen hit, you know it’s going to be a popular choice once again.