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Top Tips: Beat the Heat

Beat the Heat

By now we've all had weeks to enjoy the hottest summer in memory and it looks as though the fine weather is set to make a comeback after a brief pause. But with the temperatures rising, how can you stay cool? And how can you do it without needing to install full air conditioning or a swimming pool in your home?


A Cool Hot Water Bottle?

In a hack that set social media alight, struggling sleepers started turning to their trusty hot water bottles and filling them with icy water instead of boiled water from the kettle. The premise is simple and the results are highly effective, creating an icy-cool accessory for your bed. Place it under your summer-weight duvet before you go to bed and revel in the chilled covers! You can find a wide range of hot water bottles online at Argos, from kid-friendly characters through to stylish faux-fur covers.


Switch Your Duvet

Too many of us forget to switch our bedding when the seasons change, but a summer-weight duvet is far lighter than your winter equivalent. Look at John Lewis for a great range of summer-weight bedding, including dual duvets which offer different weights to suit bed-sharers. This goose feather and down duvet is currently on offer at £40 and naturally anti-allergenic.


Loosen Up

Hot weather is the right time of year to wear loose clothing, especially when you're in bed. Opt for breathable cotton rather than satin or silk, and choose loose, light fabrics. Ted Baker has some beautiful light floral sets which start from just £16 on offer for a top. Combine stylish separates for your perfect set, like these.


A Fan

Every bedroom needs a simple oscillating fan when the temperatures rise. Amazon has plenty at great prices, and you can choose freestanding or tabletop-mounted models with different speeds and power outputs. They are simple, effective, easy to use and far less expensive than air-conditioning. The Oypla Electrical 18" Chrome 3 Speed Free Standing Gym Fan is less than £45.


Ice Packs

Make sure you bring ice packs when you travel, especially with young children, who can become very irritated by the heat. Ice packs are cheap and portable and many are reusable too. You'll find plenty on eBay for excellent prices, and they can be used either chilled or heated to treat injuries and pain as well as heat. This model is just £2.99, so stock up on a few for the whole family.


A Cooling Sling

Try a pop-up hammock for the garden and transform your outdoor space into a summer-friendly relaxation space. This Riviera-style model is easy to install, features striped coloured fabric and is compact for ease of use - just bring it out for warm afternoons and when you're planning a social occasion. It's also just £133.99 from Argos and comes with its own stand.


Low-Tech Cool

Try hanging a wet sheet by an open window and a cool breeze will instantly appear out of nowhere. It's a cheap and easy trick that is frequently used in hot countries, and it is also surprisingly effective! Pick up a brightly coloured sheet from M&S and make a feature of it. This percale sheet comes in a range of 14 colours and costs between £14 and £19.


Remember too to take cool showers, to stay hydrated, to stay out of the sun and generally to take your activity levels down a notch when it's hot. Remember your pets too and give them plenty of cool water and shady spots to relax in. It's important to look after everyone when the temperatures rise!

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