Top tips for making use of the marketing resources

Our figures have proven that charities making good use of our weekly marketing resources are achieving 10 X more shoppers, than those that aren’t. Are you subscribed and receiving the resources? If not email to sign up today!

What you’ll receive

Every week there’s an email to forward on, along with text posts, top retailer offers and and images to post on Twitter and Facebook.

Here’s a previous selection:



Here are some top tips of how you can use the resources to spread the word about Give as you Live, whilst saving yourself time.

Forwarding on the email

You may not feel it’s relevant every week, but the first thing you should do when the resources hit your inbox on Monday morning, is scroll down to view the email. It takes seconds to forward an email on, so if you only have time to do one thing that day, forward the email on to supporters, friends, or just your own staff and volunteers. (Click “forward”, highlight and remove all the content above the email, and send to your chosen contacts)

Posting to Facebook

For Facebook you have the option of using the images we provide, or using the text posts – we recommend a combination of both! The text posts are ready for you to simply copy and paste into Facebook, and share with your fans. The images will need to be downloaded and saved to your computer first.

Using the messages for Twitter

Twitter is a great tool to use, to keep the momentum going with your followers. Don’t be afraid to tweet regularly, the lifespan of a tweet is very short, so by tweeting regularly you increase the likelihood of supporters seeing the message. The text posts that we provide are the right length for Twitter so can be copied and pasted from the email.


Free scheduling tools like Hootsuite are great for us busy bees! You can schedule in messages at the start of the week, so that they get automatically sent out from your social media accounts. Why not try Hootsuite for scheduling some of next week’s resources.