Top Veg-Eaters Named

If you’ve fallen off the healthy-eating wagon harder than a bag of apples being thrown from an ice cream van, why not simply move house – or even better, move town? Up sticks and head to Dorchester in Dorset, which has just been named as Britain’s most health-conscious place.


The best news of all is that this isn’t because the residents spend every spare minute in the gym or pounding the pavements – it’s because they eat a lot! We know some of you are already packing your bags and planning your trip to Dorchester, so we’d better tell you all the facts. The residents of Dorset’s county town don’t spend their days gorging on McDonalds (although the ones nearby are always really full). They’re actually the people most likely to fill their supermarket trolleys – more specifically, their Tesco supermarket trolleys – with fruit and veg. A study by the supermarket giant discovered that it was in Dorchester where people most regularly bought vegetables and fruit.

If you’d rather have a melon than a Mars or a kiwi over Quavers, you now know where to go. You could also plan a healthy trip to Taunton in Somerset, which came second in Tesco’s most health-conscious list. Next in line was Redhill in Surrey, followed by Cambridge and then Hemel Hempstead. Tesco created the UK map of vegetable- and fruit-eating habits after analysing data collected from stores over a year. Now who says big businesses don’t spend their cash on worthwhile causes?