Treating myself with Summer Heights High and Give as you

Name: Robyn Friel
Job Title: Fundraiser
Location: Glasgow
Bio: Doting auntie to Alfie, loves socialising with friends, is addicted to fashion magazines, loves to travel and experience new things and am currently learning to cook!

My Give as you Live experience:
After watching Chris Lilley’s new series Angry Boys on BBC3 I remembered how hilarious his last series, Summer Heights High, was and wanted to re-watch the whole first series.

Summer Heights High is an outrageous comedy show, or mockumentary, set in an Australian High School with most of the off-the-wall characters played by Chris Lilley. My favourite character is the megalomaniac teacher Mr G who casts himself in all of the parts for the school play, reminds me of a particular teacher at my school!

Here’s a clip from Mr G’s drama class…

My boyfriend’s never seen it so I thought it would be fun to save the DVD for a night in and watch it together with a take-away…hopefully he gets the sense of humour!

I searched online for the DVD knowing that the Give as you Live results would show me where I could buy it while raising money for my chosen cause. It’s great how it shows you all results to save you shopping around yourself, another bonus about Give as you Live.

Good to know that Give as you Live not only makes sure you’re getting the best available price but also that your charity will receive a percentage of your sale, now I don’t feel as guilty about treating myself!