The Ultimate Back-to-School Checklist

With the summer holidays well under way, you might not be thinking about the start of the new school term just yet. All too often, though, September can catch you out, and you might find you’re ill-prepared for packing the kids off to school again. While you might not want to think too far ahead and simply enjoy the time together, knowing that you’ve got the back-to-school checklist sorted can take some of the stress out of those last few days.

To help you on your way, here is the ultimate back-to-school checklist to help you get prepared:

Essential Uniform

Make sure they’re all kitted out for the new term by buying them all the essential pieces of uniform they’ll need. You can find everything from polo shirts and trousers to school shoes and winter dresses in the supermarkets, often at very good prices. Asda’s George range of school uniforms is a good place to start, as is the F&F collection from Tesco – plus there’s the added bonus of being able to pick up everything you need at the same time as doing the weekly shop!

Pencil Cases

A new pencil case is a must. For younger children, this super-soft Winnie the Pooh case from Toys “R” Us or this ready-filled Disney Frozen case could be perfect, or you could also consider this cute glitter cloud case from WH Smiths. For older kids, Smiths also have this cool camouflage case which comes ready-filled, and this elegant butterfly embossed case .


Of course, they’ll need something to put in their new pencil case, so stationery also needs to be on your checklist! Ryman’s Bic stationery multipack has everything they could need all in one, as does this more expensive Staedtler set available at Tesco – both ideal for secondary school kids who need them for all sorts of homework assignments. For smaller children, themed stationery such as this on-trend Pokémon set from Toys “R” Us, or this Paw Patrol set, can help them get creative.


Whether they’re just starting school or about to embark on their GCSEs, a good well-made rucksack or school bag is essential. Think about something like this cute dinosaur or Minnie Mouse backpack from Amazon for the smaller ones, and this rather more grown-up faux leather messenger bag from M&S for the older ones


The older ones might have grown out of them, but a new lunchbox is a must-have for younger children. This M&S Peppa Pig lunch box could tick all the boxes, as could this Star Wars case from Debenhams or this Cars lunch bag from Asda.

Get organised and make sure you’re well prepared for the start of term by using this checklist to shop around and pick up some back-to-school bargains this summer!