Unusual Autumn Break Ideas


Beat the end-of-summer blues and make the most of the post-school holiday price drop by booking a last-minute autumn break. But where should you go? The world is your oyster, and there are plenty of package holidays on offer, but here are just a few ideas if you fancy a slightly less conventional break.

Madagascar | This may not be first on your holiday list when looking for a relaxing pre-winter break, but there is absolutely nowhere in the world more likely to provide you with a holiday you will remember forever. Autumn is a great time to visit because the weather is ideal. It is also the best time of year for bird watching and baby lemur spotting. The latter is guaranteed to have even the hardest man going all gooey inside. Find out more about this fascinating island by picking up the Madagascar book from Blackwell’s.

Nepal | The monsoon season is over and the autumn days are generally dry and clear, so head to Nepal for some trekking and sightseeing unlike anything you may have experienced before. It is also the ideal time of year to get the adrenalin flowing with some white-water rafting, as the rapids are normally exciting enough to give you a buzz without being too hard to handle.

The Nepalese culture is as fascinating as the environment, and you might even be lucky enough to be in the country to witness first-hand the Hindu celebrations of the Dasain and Tihaar festivals. Start packing with a pair of Walking Boots from Brantano.

Italy | It is coming up to harvest festival season, so where better to head than the culinary capital of the world? There are food festivals all over the country throughout autumn, so prepare to need some bigger clothes on your return. To find out what is in store if you are planning a culinary crusade, check out Italian Food from Foyles Bookshop.

Munich | If you like the idea of a holiday filled with lager and lederhosen, then head to Germany for Munich’s world-famous Oktoberfest celebrations. The festival, held between September 20 and October 15 in 2014, is a spectacle that you will never forget — unless you sample a little too much of the beer, of course. Find out more on the city’s official website at www.muenchen.de.