US study encourages donation innovation

The landscape of charitable giving looks very different today. Nowadays, there are so many channels and ways of donating. A recent US report looks into the charitable giving behaviours between generations and, as expected, there are clear preferences between older and younger generations. While more ‘mature’ supporters prefer more traditional methods of donation such as sending a cheque to their favourite charity (77%), younger supporters tend to favour giving online (36%) or through social media (24%).

The report also calls for charities to revamp fundraising techniques and encourages charities to find ways of engaging with younger donors without alienating the current donor base. The donor database of the future must track all channels and interactions.

For charities to drive innovation and development of fundraising tools requires resources that they may not have. However, partnerships with companies such as Everyclick give charities access to the latest technology and expertise which can help them develop their fundraising channels. Give as you Live, powered by Everyclick, works in line with online behaviours and doesn’t infringe on a charity’s existing donor base. In fact it can be fully integrated with the leading not-for-profit specific fundraising software The Raiser’s Edge®. New platforms, such as this, can help charities to tap into ‘younger’ supporters who live and breathe online.