Use Fundraising to Boost Staff Engagement

There’s no end to the benefits your business, customers and employees can enjoy from focusing on fundraising every now and again. Raising money for good causes can boost everything from pride and purpose to productivity, so what are you waiting for?

Here are more of the benefits:


Teamwork is normally key to successful business efforts, and fundraising can have a real bonding effect, whether you choose to all shop through the same website or take on a corporate challenge. Fundraising can unite your team in a unique and special way whilst also boosting employee confidence and having a positive effect on everything from communication skills to sales and marketing performance.

Fundraising is the perfect partner to volunteering, offering a complete Corporate Social Responsibility package and numerous benefits for your business and employees. This combination has the potential to allow your company to offer charities and good causes what they need the most, which is usually funds, whilst promoting social responsibility and encouraging personal development amongst your workforce.

Make It Fun

The better staff engagement levels produced by good fundraising efforts can lead to higher retention rates, easier recruitment and better productivity and performance, meaning that you have the potential to raise money for good causes and make money for your business as well.

Fundraising can also provide a valuable opportunity for your team to have fun together and it is well known that happy workers are better and more productive workers. Boosting the fun factor can also enhance creativity and motivation whilst encouraging your workers to go the extra mile for good causes – and your business.

Involve Staff

An involved workforce is one which is likely to offer greater levels of loyalty, morale and engagement. It is also one which can actively enhance your company’s CSR strategy by offering both ideas and action. In turn, a great CSR strategy can have a host of benefits, ranging from encouraging top talent to join your company and customers to use your services to retaining both clients and staff.