Using Give as you Live to be ‘Part of the Cure’ for breast cancer

Name: Carla Maresca
Profession: Trusts and Foundations Manager
Location: Bermondsey, London
Bio: Scuba diving, book loving, gym bunny! Fundraiser by day, runner by night and travelling queen when I get the opportunity! Likes – Birmingham, cupcakes, the sea and pick and mix sweets. Dislikes – being cold, shouting, condiments and ‘Two and a Half Men’!

My Give as you Live Experience:
I tend to carry my life round with me, walk over 8 miles a day, and go to the gym most days. I also have at least 2 books on the go, carry my breakfast and lunch to work and like most women have a never ending of other ‘necessary items’ to carry everywhere!

Consequently, I need a strong, durable, large and comfortable rucksack! I always buy Eastpak as they last a long time, clean really well, and represent good-value for money. My last one was decorated with what I thought were flowers (but turned out to be skulls, somewhat randomly!) so I knew I wanted a plain black one this time round.

I was keen to raise money for my favourite charity, Breast Cancer Campaign, while making my purchase. I simply put ‘Eastpak’ into a search engine and then picked the site which offered the highest percentage to my chosen charity, which was at 5%.

The Give as You Live App is really straightforward to use and it is really easy to compare websites to see which offer the best benefit to charities and the best deals for you as a customer.

I now have a swanky new backpack (minus skull flowers!) and Breast Cancer Campaign has made £2. This initiative enables me to BE PART OF THE CURE in a quick, easy and convenient way. I shall make sure all my future web purchases contribute to breast cancer research through Give as You Live and I will be recommending it to all of my friends.