Using the force to raise money for my charity, Buglife

Name: Richard Smith
Profession: Biologist
Location: York, N. Yorks.
Bio: Farming and Pollinators Officer for Buglife

Give As You Live Experience:
Setting-up and using Give as you Live was trouble free: I downloaded the software, reopened my web browser and then visited an online store. On doing so, it was reassuring to see the message that first asked if I wished to proceed with Give as you Live purchasing and then stated that charity giving was active.

I took this opportunity to do the earliest Christmas shopping of my life! I was looking for a particular series of ‘Star Wars – Clone Wars’ cartoons for my children. I found the DVDs on HMV, which I hadn’t used before online. Opening an account and making the purchase was straight-forward and quick, with the added bonus of free postage and packing.

Despite my passion for all things creepy-crawly, I’ve never forced this interest on my children; rather, sharing my enthusiasm hopefully kindles their interest. So, while they are ‘regular’ kids – bikes, football, music etc – it is nevertheless gratifying to see them hunting mini-beasts for their ‘bug society’ when we are out exploring in the countryside!

I’m sure that I’ll be using Give as you Live again, in the knowledge that my online shopping supports Buglife and the conservation of invertebrates.