We Love Ice cream Balls, a fun way to make homemade ice cream

We love… Ice cream balls, this clever gadget can help you to make homemade ice cream without any electricity!

The ice cream ball is so easy to use and great fun for the kids to get involved. Simply add ice and rock salt in one end, your ice cream ingredients in the other end and pass and roll the durable Ice Cream Ball around. After playing with the ball for around 20 minutes you will have a pint of delicious homemade ice cream.

Our favourite combinations of flavours and sports to get the perfect ice cream are: Mango and Volleyball (perfect for when you’re on the beach), Coffee and Football (a classic Italian style for when you’re in the park), Chocolate and Pass The Parcel (one for the kids!)

Buy yours now from Firebox, you’ll have a ball and they will donate up to 5% to the charity you choose through Give as you Live. What’s not to like?!