We Love… iPads

This week we are in love with our iPads. Our lunchtimes are currently spent battling each other on Scrabble or reading the latest bestseller.

With the release of iOS5 last week, we’re pretty sure everyone is in love with their iPads at the moment. The update includes the new message system iMessage, a newsstand to manage your subscriptions, reminders, new camera features… the list is endless.

That is the great thing with Apple products: With software updates there is no need to keep upgrading to another device, simply download the newest upgrade and it’s like having a brand new toy.

Apple continues to astound the world with their innovative and unique products that make it easier to consume the vast array of media that is available. We dedicate this post to the late Steve Jobs who made it all possible.

“Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful… that’s what matters to me”

Steve Jobs 1955-2011