We love… Whistle key finders

Have you ever had really bad day that started by losing your keys? It happened to me not long ago.

Whilst having a rant about my bad day on twitter, I got a new follower @WTHellAreMyKeys. Profile: ‘eradicating loss of keys and other stuff we keep losing/misplacing/forgetting where we put it. Think of us as your key loser support group.’

This cheered me up a lot, so many people losing their keys and posting their stories on twitter, no wonder they have 1,105 followers.

A few weeks later I came across this gadget on the internet, a whistle key finder, you simply whistle and it will beep and light up. Brilliant! I plan on buying this lovely gadget cancelling my membership with the key loser support group mentioned above.

If you want to avoid losing your keys you can buy this from Gifted.com and they will donate up to 5% of what you spend to your favourite charity through Give as you Live.