We’ve reviewed The Twilight Saga, are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?

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The UK Breaking Dawn part 2 premiere took place in Leicester Square on Wednesday evening, and is released in cinemas today!

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Alternatively you could wait for the complete collection to be released! To help you make up your mind in the meantime, we’ve found some great reviews of the films so far to date. Don’t forget to discover and download Give as you Live before you shop.

The girls at Give as you Live HQ were sad not to have been at the premiere, so thought we would share this video of the stars on the red carpet, courtesy of NewsVideo.



The original Twilight movie was released in 2008, and was the first of five included in the saga. Here’s some reviews from top critics: Sukhdev Sandu from Daily Telegraph said ‘I watched Twilight in a cinema full of young girls who, when they weren’t texting friends and guzzling soft drinks, giggled, sighed and exhaled with a passion that was not only endearing, but a measure of its emotional truth.’

Daniel Etherington from Film 4 though the fim was ‘Not quite the solid grounding a major new franchise needs, but a stylish and enjoyable supernatural emo romance.’ You can read more reviews of Twilight on Rottontomatoes.com.

Katie Rich reviewed ‘New Moon’: ‘A follow-up to Twilight that manages both to stay true to the nature of the first film and also improve on it a bit. Director Chris Weitz sticks with the moody Pacific Northwest scenery and intense romance but also infuses a zippy, poppier sensibility, meaning the two-plus hours move along swiftly and with more humor that the first film.’ Read the full review at Cinemablend.com.

Mali Elfman reviewed Eclipse:  ‘I’m not a Twi-Hard, this is not my favorite genre, BUT I will say that out of all the Twilight films this one is the best. It has more action, more tension, better character development, and unlike the previous films a story to follow.’ Read the full review at Screencrave.com.

Here’s what Philip French thought of Breaking Dawn Part 1: ‘This part deals exclusively with matters matrimonial and obstetric as 18-year-old, small-town sheriff’s daughter Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) from Washington State marries pale, ageless vampire Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) and surrenders her virginity on a honeymoon in Brazil. It turns out to be not a consummation devoutly to be wished, but a horror story realising every nightmare about wedding nights and pregnancy.’ Read the full review at Guardian.co.uk.