What the press said about online fundraising

If you could get 500 charities in a room, what would you ask them?

We found that over a third of a charity’s audience now comes through social media… But that only three per cent of online donations come through Facebook. For Twitter, that amount drops even lower – to zero.

We released the results of the Give as you Live Digital Giving Review last week. The complete findings, which you can download in full here, have been reported at length in the press.

Give as you Live in the headlines

You can read what they all had to say below:

The press was fairly reluctant to make any theories on the figures, but we feel the results could show some missed opportunities for fundraising:


Crystal gazing for social fundraising

So, are the findings a commentary on the way people behave online – happy to socialise, but less happy to spend that social time engaged in charitable pursuits? Or can charities do more to help themselves?

Can more be done to claim ground on the social networks, or would any attempt at social fundraising be the online equivalent of a clipboard-wielding street walker inviting themselves into your living room?

Download the report and make your own mind up – but don’t forget to let us know!