Who knew one tiny baby could consume so much room?

Name: Kate Forrester
Profession: Public Relations
Location: London
Bio: Currently on maternity leave, Kate’s days are kept busy attempting to meet the demands of the little one. Each day is a huge learning experience which is at times exhausting, often amusing and always rewarding. She loves reading gossip magazines, interior design, travelling and enjoying a good meal, and some red wine, with her family and friends.

My Give as you Live Experience:
From the never ending mess of toys through to the cot, high chair and play mat, our once liveable flat is suddenly feeling very small. With space at an absolute premium and almost no storage on offer, my husband and I are learning to use every square foot available.

So, after hours of combing the web and looking for some solutions, I went online to John Lewis to buy some storage boxes to hold my daughter’s rapidly expanding collection of clothing, some bins for her toys and a shoe rack to help make the limited space we do have work even harder.

All in all, the purchases were a success – (some) order has been brought to the flat and through the website I was able to buy what I wanted easily and quickly, have the packages delivered straight to our door and be able to give to charity at no additional cost.

Beyond tackling a major design challenge and forcing my sleep deprived brain to be creative, what was interesting about this experience was how my purchases were ultimately affected by Give as you Live. During my time spent online looking for products and comparing prices, Give as you Live became an integral part of the process.

The App highlighted retailers I wouldn’t otherwise have considered or, in some cases, even known about. While I ultimately bought from a large department store, I will definitely buy from some of the retailers I discovered in the near future.

It also made it hard to justify buying a comparable product from a retailer that’s not yet participating in the programme, when there are so many that do.

Give as you Live has made shopping even more satisfying through being able to give a little something back.