Wireless Charging Revolution

The world of wireless charging looks set to be transformed next year with the advent of new technology that can triple the speed.

There has been a boom in purchases of wireless chargers of late, as people rely on their mobile devices more and more to do everything from doing their job to keeping in touch with friends.

The market is flooded with products, from charging units for your home or office that can charge multiple devices at the same time to those aimed at specific market brands, such as the Samsung Wireless Charging Pad Mini.

These are great for avoiding the tangle of wires and shortage of sockets faced by so many people in this ever more technology-dependent world, but for some they are simply too slow. It can be a frustrating process waiting for your devices to charge using wireless chargers that typically only run at a measly five Watt rate. Why does this always seem to happen when you need to respond to an urgent email or to check the football scores?

That could all change next year if the promises of chip manufacturer and wireless charging specialists Freescale live up to expectation. The company claims that the new super-quick charging unit can charge your devices at a much more respectable rate of 15 Watts – three times as fast as the wireless chargers on the market right now.

Using one of these chargers, a phone with a 4000mAh battery such as the Lenovo P780 should be able to be charged in around two hours, marking a massive step forward in the wireless charging world.