Woodland Trust supporters raise £5k with Give as you Live

We were delighted to hand over this cheque to The Woodland Trust – the charity’s supporters have now raised over £5,861.45 through Give as you Live technology.

The charity has a solid network of shoppers, shopping for the charity month-on-month for a constant stream of unrestricted, recurring revenue. Working hard to promote Give as you Live, the charity has also seen increasing shopper numbers.

Karl Mitchell, Director of Fundraising said: “Give as you Live is one of those genuine win-win opportunities that I really encourage all of our staff, supporters and partner organisations to get behind.”

A recurring revenue stream

Other charities can start to work towards this success by actively promoting Give as you Live. It’s not too late to get involved in the 25 shopper incentive. If you can recruit 25 new shoppers by 31 December, we will donate an extra £5 for every shopper that spends £10 or more!

Looking at charities with large monthly totals, or an increase in the amount raised per shopper, has shown us that success stems from:

  • Regular contact – promoting Give as you Live as often as possible.
  • Using online channels – the highest sign-up rates come from supporters being able to click straight through and sign up.
  • Multiple channels – use as many points of contact as possible (email, Facebook, Twitter, face-to-face at events)

Christmas shopping worth £170m to charities

We’ve now had Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Now is really the time when a lot of people will attack the complex task that is Christmas shopping! If every Christmas gift this year was bought through Give as you Live, we’d raise £170m for good causes.

Everything you need to promote Give as you Live is in your online toolkit, which can be found here. Take a look at the Christmas materials – including gift guides, flyers and more – under the ‘ongoing campaigns’ section, and collect your e-newsletters, gift guide emails and social media content.

If you have questions about the toolkit, or need help implementing Give as you Live, please contact us. Call us on 0800 883 8450.