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World Penguin Day 2019

Thursday 25th April is World Penguin Day! But do you know your Rockhopper from your Adelie?

With the recent success of TV and Netflix shows like Our Planet and Blue Planet, we probably don't need to tell you just how incredible these majestic creatures are.

But, of the 18 different penguin species, 10 are threatened. In fact, 5 are classed as 'Endangered' meaning they are seriously at risk of extinction.

One of the main reasons these penguins face extinction is - yep, you guessed it - climate change. As a direct result of human actions we have lost over 40% of sea ice in the last 30 years. That means that nearly half of the ice used by penguins to breed and find food is just....gone.

You can help

We've taken a look at just some of the charities carrying out penguin conservation activities. You don't need to put your hand in your pocket to help either; all of these charities can be supported with the FREE funds you can raise via Give as you Live.

Marine Conservation Society

The Marine Conservation Society is an active partner in the Great British Ocean coalition. Even if you live in the UK, your actions have an impact on the World's oceans and MCS work to undo some of the negative effects being caused by human behaviour to keep our oceans healthy, plastic-free and protected.



WWF is the World's leading independent conservation organisation. They're ramping up the pressure on the UK government to help safeguard the polar regions and commit to cutting carbon emissions to zero. They also fund projects to monitor penguins to see how they're being affected by climate change and are working to establish a network of marine protected areas for wildlife.


BirdLife International

BirdLife International work with fishermen to implement new technologies to prevent penguins from becoming accidentally caught in their nets. They also help to establish new penguin colonies, bringing penguins closer to abundant fish sources to help them thrive.



What is Give as you Live?

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