How WSPA is fundraising through Give as you Live

Charity name:
Charity representative name:
Jane Rockliffe

How do you promote Give as you Live to your supporters?
Mainly emails at specific times of the year e.g. Mother’s Day.

Do you think similar charities would benefit from using Give as you Live to fundraise?
Yes most definitely.

” I have been really impressed with how easy Give As You Live make promotion for the charity. They provide all the tools you need and on top of that also give you useful information about trends in charitable giving in general.” – Jane Rockliffe

If you are from a similar charity and want to register for Give as you Live for free, please give the team a call on 0800 883 8450

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    Adela Pickles

    31 March, 2014 at 21:52

    Great photo of you Jane! :))

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