You asked – we listened. The £5 for every new shopper campaign has been extended

£5 pound note shortage

At the beginning of 2012 we launched a campaign to reward charities that got 25 people shopping for them with a bonus £5 donation for every new shopper that spent over £10 online.

As you can imagine, this has been one of our most popular campaigns to date with hundreds of charities taking part.

But all good things must come to an end…. or so we thought.

Our plan was to wrap up the campaign on the 30th of June and thank all of the charities that took part. However, plans change. Due to an overwhelming request from charities that are so close to reaching their 25 shopper target, we have agreed to extend the campaign right up until the end of the year.

Those charities that have already managed to reach the 25 shopper target now have even longer to enjoy receiving an extra £5 for ever new shopper and those charities that aren’t quite there yet now have time on their side to reach their goal.

If your charity hasn’t yet reached 25 shoppers or if you’re new to the campaign all together, please email to get started and start sharing Give as you Live using the free tools available in your support kit.

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