Your Charity Admin system – new and improved

We’ve made some changes to the way you use your Give as you Live and Everyclick Charity Administration page. Please see below for a full guide on what to expect:

Supporter Revenue Breakdown report

This replaces the Give as you Live Supporters report. It lists all known supporters and details their name, email address, postcode, date of signup, date of first shop and last shop, source, reward status, GAYL transaction count, GAYL total raised (also split by ‘pending’, ‘accepted’ and ‘paid’), Everyclick Search total, and credit/debit card donation total. Supporters who have not indicated that they wish to be contacted are identified by the name “Details withheld”. Email address and postcode are not available in these cases.

Fundraisers report

This report enhances the Fundraisers report. It lists all active fundraising pages within a specified timeframe. This is a non-financial report telling you the title, timeframe and URL of the pages, as well as contact details for the page owner. We have also included an opt-in flag.

Credit/Debit Card Donations report

This report enhances the Donations report. It lists all donations made within a specified timeframe, including full donor contact information where permitted, the value of donation, if Gift Aid has been applied by the donor (subject to HMRC checks), the date, payment type (sponsorship / donation etc), and details of the fundraising page comprising name, owner and URL.

Transactional Breakdown report

This replaces the Give as you Live Activity Summary report. It provides a single line of information on your supporters, identifying the method by which they were acquired (reward scheme / third party / unsolicited), the number of actual shoppers, the number of potential shoppers (e.g. those people who have signed up to support your charity but who have not yet shopped), the total number of transactions, the GAYL total raised (excluding rewards) to date also split by ‘pending’, ‘accepted’ and ‘paid’, and the GAYL Total paid including rewards.

Give as you Live Rewards

This is a new report. It is not time-specific. It lists all schemes your charity has signed up for, what dates the scheme was active, and the number of rewards split by ‘Qualifying’, ‘Pending’, and ‘Paid’, as well as the value paid. The Give as you Live Daily Breakdown report is no longer available as it has been improved through the addition of new reports.

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