Your shopping could mean so much more with Give as you Live

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We’re all aware of the current recession and various prices going up, a lot of people can’t afford to give money to charity, or set up a monthly direct debit to help the cause they care about.

Despite the recession people are still shopping, still buying things they need and want. So why not swop your purchases from offline to online. Shopping online could raise donations for your chosen charity, without it costing you any extra.

A new mobile phone, a new pair of gorgeous shoes, or what about your summer holiday? All these things mean a lot to us, but they could mean even more for our charities.

shopping 1 Raises £17.50 for charity
By doing something as simple as switching your mobile phone contract online to Vodafone, £17.50 will be donated to your chosen cause.

For Mental Health Foundation this amount would pay for a half day workshop for staff working with people with dementia in care homes.

shopping 2 Raises £4 for charity
Who loves buying new shoes? ‘My hand is in the air!’ A pair of shoes worth £100 from House of Fraser would raise £4 for your chosen cause.

For CVQO this would help produce and print the course resources and work books, for a young person trying to achieve recognised qualification, and who, without the help of CVQO would not have been able to afford to.

shopping 3 Raises £7.50 for charity
Millions of people living in the UK will be travelling abroad on holiday this year, I know that I will be one of them. By booking an all inclusive holiday online through First Choice, £7.50 will be donated to your chosen cause.
For Cat’s protection this could pay for a cat litter tray, scoop, food dish and food.

Discover Give as you Live, set up an account today and start raising donations for your charity, at no extra cost to you, through things you were planning on buying anyway!

All rates are correct as of publish