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Mobile and App

How do I access My Account?

The first releases of our App and mobile site are designed to allow you to shop easily on your mobile device. We are designing our next releases which will include the key aspects of the My Account panel. For the time being, please access your account panel via our desktop site.

About Give as you Live

How does Everyclick Ltd pay charities?

All funds raised through Everyclick Ltd. products, including Give as you Live, are distributed through the Charities Trust, a registered charity that provides payroll giving and donation services, and act as our data and payment provider. Our relationship means that the vast majority of UK charities are available to support through Give as you Live. Once a charity registers with the Everyclick Charity Administration System and agrees to the compliance agreement, payments can be made directly to each charity.

How many causes does Give as you Live support?

Give as you Live can raise money for every UK cause. With over 220,000 causes and charities to pick from, Give as you Live can just as easily raise money for a local school or a national charity.

In addition, you can raise money with Give as you Live to support any Everyclick fundraising page. When selecting your cause, choose "Search for a fundraising page" to search for a page to support.

How much does Everyclick Ltd make from each transaction?

In order to fund the on-going development of Give as you Live, which is free for all UK causes to use and free for all shoppers, Everyclick takes a portion of the total commission we receive from our partner stores.

This portion is taken before any amounts displayed on screen are calculated. This means that 100% of any displayed amounts will be donated to charity.

The portion is typically 50%, however charities can increase their percentage share depending on how much they raise using Give as you Live. In addition, we may occasionally agree with individual stores to donate a higher proportion of their commission. More information about this can be found on our legal page.

Shopping with Give as you Live

What is Give as you Live?

Give as you Live is a web-based product from Everyclick that allows shoppers to turn a percentage of every pound spent online into a free donation for any UK cause.

Thousands of online stores, offering millions of products, will donate a percentage of each purchase to any cause a shopper selects. It costs the shopper nothing to Give as you Live as the stores donate the money, not the shopper.

The shopper can pick from over 220,000 UK causes to donate to and, on average, 2.5% of each purchase can be donated.

Shoppers can either use Give as you Live through our online store or App or they can install Give as you Live and shop directly with their favourite stores on their desktops.

How do I use Give as you Live?

Give as you Live is a web-based product, meaning you can shop with Give as you Live through our online store or Apps or you can install Give as you Live on your desktop and shop directly with your favourite stores. Each purchase made through either the store, App or the installed version of Give as you Live will raise money for any UK cause selected - for free. Give as you Live works with over 2,000 stores.

Purchase not showing

How do I make a claim?

To inquire about a purchase that isn't showing in your Give as you Live account, simply log into your account on your desktop and select "Make a claim". You cannot currently make a claim using our App or mobile websites.

Please note that we update user transactions daily, and that some transactions can take a couple of days to come through. Therefore, please wait until a few days after the purchase before making a claim.

Once the claim has been submitted, it may take up to 75 days for us to receive the information we require from the stores to settle your claim.

I made a purchase and it's not showing in my account?

When you make a purchase it can take up to two weeks for it to show in your account. This is because the store you bought your item from needs to report this purchase to us before we can update your account.

Most stores are quick to send us the required information and in the majority of cases, your transaction will appear in your account the morning afterward the purchase. You will also receive a confirmation email.

However, some stores do take longer. For example, Amazon purchases appear in your account within 24 hours of the items being dispatched rather than bought. If your purchase was made more than two weeks ago, please submit a claim by logging into your account and selecting the ‘make a claim’ icon so we can follow up directly with the store.

If you are have shopped using Give as you Live on your mobile device and your purchase does not show after two weeks, it may be because the mobile version of the store’s website did not track correctly. This may happen in a very few cases where a store has not implemented tracking correctly on their mobile sites. In this case, please make a claim and we will follow it up on your behalf.

I have shopped online at Tesco and my purchase is not showing?

If you have shopped online for your groceries at Tesco, they currently only donate to new customers.

Most of our stores do have a flat rate percentage across the board, but you can expect different rates for supermarkets, department stores, electrical stores, subscription services and catalogue websites.

You can see store rates on the store page at and on the toolbar under 'store rates'.