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Alien: Isolation (Xbox One)


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Alien: Isolation (Xbox One)

The long awaited Alien: Isolation has arrived, bringing the intense world of Ridley Scott's classic space epic to the Xbox One. Face a deadly and near-unstoppable xenomorph in this survival horror fright-fest.... show more

Truly terrifying

Playing as the daughter of the film heroine Ellen Ripley, you are investigating the space station Sevastopol between the events of the first and second films. But the station is being terrorised by a deadly alien. This is a survival horror with the emphasis on survival. You can't kill the alien, you can only stay hidden and hope you survive the experience. Hide behind objects and under tables, or simply run away and hope you lose your pursuer. But beware; it will always turn up again sooner or later. You can try and predict where it is with your torch and motion detector, but the noise and light may mean that the alien finds out where you are too.

Advanced AI

This alien is not a dumb, robotic game enemy who tries to get in your way as you follow a pre-determined path. It is programmed with the latest in advanced AI and artificial behaviour technology. Its goal is to actively hunt you down in any way it can find. You will have to pit your wits against it directly and try to outsmart it. Since the enemy is so unpredictable, there are any number of paths you may end up taking in this non-linear gaming experience. Just like the alien, you will have to adapt if you want to make it through.

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