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Bosch BGS4ALLGB GS-40 Compact Allergy Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner (Blue)
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Bosch BGS4ALLGB GS-40 Compact Allergy Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner (Blue)

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High-tech cleaning for your home

The Bosch GS40 Vacuum Cleaner provides 600 watts of suction. With Bosch's patented QuattroPower System, it provides powerful suction equivalent to a more heavy-duty vacuum, yet retains low power consumption and high energy efficiency. It is a bagless vacuum, so you don't need to worry about buying bags or being left unable to clean if you let your supply run out. The SensorControl System continuously monitors performance for maximum effectiveness, and the trademarked SilenceSound System uses clever airflow optimisation and heavy-duty sound insulation to keep things easy on your ears. A hygiene filter ensures clean exhaust air free of dust or allergens, and requires only minimal maintenance thanks to the EasyClean system.

Small package, big features

The Bosch GS40 is a small, space-efficient vacuum and weighs a feathery 5.8kg. Yet it is big on features, and delivers a cleaning solution that can rival a much bigger appliance while still being easy to store and to cart around your home. Despite its small size, it has a generous 1.9 litre capacity, so you can clear plenty of dirt and dust from your home before you need to empty it. A lengthy hose and telescopic tube are something a much bulkier vacuum could easily be jealous of. All in all, they give it an operating radius of 9.2 metres, allowing you to reach difficult places like the top of the curtains or the space behind large furniture.

The little things

Little features, in large enough numbers, can make a big difference to the practicality of a vacuum cleaner. Bosch knows this, and has given the GS40 a lot of small but nice-to-have features. A three-wheeled setup, with two fixed wheels and one swivel wheel, make for easy steering even when pulling the vacuum around a tight corner. When wheeling just won't work, such as when you are confronted with stairs, the light weight is complemented by two well-placed carry handles with ergonomic grip. Automatic cable rewind, variable suction and a range of useful attachments help to complete this impressive feature list.

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