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Bosch WAE24461GB Maxx 7 VarioPerfect 7kg 1200rpm Freestanding Washing Machine - White
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Bosch WAE24461GB Maxx 7 VarioPerfect 7kg 1200rpm Freestanding Washing Machine - White

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The VarioPerfect feature of the Bosch WAE24461GB allows you to save either money or time, while still guaranteeing perfectly clean clothes every time. This is one of the many features offered by this machine.


The 3D AquaSpa washing system uses cascading water to get your clothes wet quicker and a clever safeguarding monitoring function ensures that the machine adjusts its own programme settings and load distribution to protect your laundry. The WAE24461GB will also adjust itself automatically to the loads you put in and will tell you if you have used too much detergent and has its own foam detection system. Other features include a reload facility, a child lock, and a buzzer to alert you when your laundry is ready.

The WAE24461GB is extremely simple to use and has a fully electronic dial to control all washing and special programmes. There is a large LED display so you can see clearly how your wash is progressing. You can check the spin speed, the temperature, and how long before your washing will be ready. The Bosch WAE24461GB also allows you to pre-programme your washing machine to start up to 24-hours before.


The WAE24461GB offers a wide range of programme options and special cycles to meet a multitude of needs. This speeds up the process of doing your laundry and means you can be sure that each load you put on will be well protected and thoroughly cleaned.

The WAE24461GB is a clever, interactive machine that helps you to achieve the best washing results but also allows you to have exceptional control over your laundry. You can reduce the maximum spin speed of 1200rpm, choose EcoPerfect options for premium efficiency in terms of water and power usage, or opt for a reduced ironing cycle. There is also the option to use an AquaPlus feature for the most thorough rinsing possible, or a Super Quick 15 programme which is perfect when you need clean clothes in a hurry.

Style and specifications

The WAE24461GB offers a capacity of 7kg, making it perfect for even larger family homes. It is among the most energy efficient machines on the market today, another factor which makes it the perfect family choice. This machine allows you to do as much washing as you need without breaking the bank or causing unnecessary damage to the environment. Its average annual energy consumption should be around 165 kWh if you do 220 standard washes in a year.

It is as stylish as it is practical, with its simple but elegant white finish and conveniently large door and 30cm porthole. The door opens to a full 180 degrees, putting an end to having to cram your laundry into your machine. It can be built into your kitchen units or works equally as well as a freestanding machine, measuring 84.8cm (height) by 60cm (width) by 59cm (depth).

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