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Destiny (Xbox One)
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Destiny (Xbox One)

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Our golden age is gone

The detailed dystopian plot is certain to pull you into the world of Destiny. Long ago, the Traveller arrived and made other worlds in our solar system habitable. Humanity spread out from the Earth and built an empire amongst the stars - a golden age for our species. But the Traveller's ancient enemy found it, and laid waste to all we had built. Back on Earth, the Traveller made its final stand against the enemy and cast a protective veil over part of the planet. There, the fallen race of Humankind built their last city. You live in this city, and as a guardian you are sworn to protect it.

Wield extraordinary powers

In Destiny, you play a character who is in command of unbelievable powers. You are able to wield part of the immense powers held by the Traveller itself, and these grant you extraordinary abilities. Use them to defend the Earth's last remaining city, and to explore the ruins of humanity's empire to rediscover lost glories. Leave the city walls, and see what you can find amongst what's left of your ancestors' mighty civilisation. But beware; the world outside the city is now a dangerous place, filled with dark forces that want nothing more than to finish the human race for good.

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