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Driveclub (PS4)

Driveclub is all about offering the ultimate communal driving experience on PlayStation 4, rewarding groups of players who get together to take on the realistic auto racing simulator that it offers rather than going ... show more

Race together

The underlying currency of Driveclub is simply known as 'fame'. And to earn it you will need to join forces with up to six other competitors to take on a variety of road-racing challenges that will be challenging and entertaining in equal measure.

What sets the game apart from other simulations is the fact that the tracks are not all pulled from existing real-world circuits, but are instead exclusive to the Driveclub universe. This means that while they will feel familiar because they take inspiration from different nations and environments, you will not have to spend hours lapping a familiar but slightly prettier incarnation of famous raceways.

Change the way you play

There is a single player mode for those who want to keep the Driveclub experience as a solo show, but there is more fun to be had when you get involved in the multiplayer action. As well as straight-up races you can participate in special events such as drifting competitions or time trials.

Dynamic weather conditions, changing times of day and other factors will not only influence the way the game looks, but also have an impact on how your car handles. There are also penalties for impact with other vehicles, which means you cannot drive in an aggressive fashion without being penalised; this is not an arcade racer, after all.

Driveclub is a satisfying alternative to the Forza series on the Xbox One, giving PlayStation 4 fans something to shout about.

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