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Dualit 31211 2+1 Combi 3-Slice Toaster (Mint Green)
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Dualit 31211 2+1 Combi 3-Slice Toaster (Mint Green)

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Versatile Toasting Performance

Toasting sounds like one of those simple tasks where an appliance just needs to "get the job done." But Dualit have had the vision to look beyond this and see how the process can be taken a lot further than the bare basics. You can activate just one slot, two of them, or all three so no energy is wasted if you only want to make one or two slices. Once the toast is ready, the element turns off but the bread isn't ejected until you say so. That way, your toast stays warm if you aren't able to grab it right away.

Extraordinary Extras

A lot of little extra touches make the Dualit 2+1 Combi toaster into an appliance to admire. The extra wide 28mm slots can accommodate a sandwich cage (included), but the guard inside the slots is adjustable so that even thin slices will still be gripped securely. The award-winning ProHeat elements provide performance and reliability, and the adjustable rear foot makes the toaster practical even when you don't have space on a level surface.

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