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Hotpoint WMFG741G 7kg 1400rpm Washing Machine - Graphite
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Hotpoint WMFG741G 7kg 1400rpm Washing Machine - Graphite

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Simple, straightforward and efficient

The Hotpoint WMFG741G is extremely easy to use, despite offering a multitude of different settings and options. The machine is controlled by a simple combination of dials and buttons and the crystal-clear LED screen offers all the information needed at just a quick glance. The machine is straightforward to set and makes washing much simpler than ever before.

A front loading machine, the Hotpoint WMFG741G is simple to fill and just as hassle-free to unload and can be stacked with another appliance to save space. The wash load capacity is 7kg, making it suitable for even the busiest households with babies or teenagers. The machine also features an A+ energy rating, making it efficient and affordable, and not a drain on electricity.

Washes just about anything

This machine boasts 16 different programmes that are designed to deal with the most delicate of fabrics, and the dirtiest. Stains and dirt is no match for this machine and while removing even the most ingrained dirt the wash still remains kind to your clothes. Wonderful on woollen garments, the machine has been Platinum endorsed by Woolmark, the world's leading authority on all woollen items, ensuring that even your most fragile fabrics are well-looked after while being cleaned.

The Hotpoint WMFG741G uses sophisticated stain removal technology to ensure that even the most stubborn stains are removed and the anti-stain cycle has been designed to eliminate 20 of the most tough to remove stains. By managing temperature, agitation and water the machine can lift stains that are extremely hard to get rid of, while remaining gentle and not damaging fabrics.

There is also a 30 minute quick wash cycle to suit those busy days and the LED display counts down every minute of the wash to ensure that you can plan your day around your laundry and not spend hours waiting for it to finish

Suitable for allergy sufferers

The Hotpoint WMFG741G is not only suited to larger, busy families, it's also ideal for anyone susceptible to allergies. The anti-allergy cycle removes all allergens and dirt embedded in the fabric in two stages, firstly by hating the water at the start of the cycle, and secondly by keeping the water temperature at 60 C for the duration of the whole wash. The machine has received the approval of Allergy UK as it has been proven to reduce the level of dust mites and pollens within a wash, making allergy sufferers lives that little bit easier.

This freestanding washing machine offers so much for a very reasonable price, and with multiple functions to suit every requirement, it's an extremely practical and reliable option.

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