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Kinect Sports: Rivals (Xbox One)
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Kinect Sports: Rivals (Xbox One)

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Challenge the Xbox World over six sports

Kinect Sports: The Rivals offers players the chance to try their hand at six different sports: wake racing, climbing, target shooting, association football (soccer), bowling and tennis. You can play each of these alone to hone your skills, challenge friends in your front room or take on the world over Xbox Live.


As Kinect Sports: The Rivals is available only on Xbox One, it utilises the brand new sensor technology present in the Xbox One's Kinect system. The new Kinect system offers three times more fidelity and 10 times the power of its predecessor. This means that it is capable of capturing much more subtle movements and is much more precise in mapping the player's movements as they play.

Movements as small as wiggling of fingers can now be picked up by the Kinect system meaning the different sports can be played in a variety of different ways - full body movement, partial body movement and even seated play. Because of the increased sensitivity of the Kinect sensor system, the player must be more careful in their movements with precision the name of the game as many rewards are based on accuracy

Choose your faction

A whole new layer has been added to this iteration of the Kinect Sports series with the addition of teams. The player is able to select from three different in-game teams - the raucous and hearty Wolf Clan, the aggressive and ruthless Viper Network and proud and honourable Eagle Legion. To be able to join any of these teams you must first earn the respect of the team captain through game play.

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