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LEGO: The Hobbit (PS4)
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LEGO: The Hobbit (PS4)

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Visit key locations featured in the films

The Hobbit takes you on a journey through many of the destinations seen on film and players will find themselves in Bag End, The Goblin Town, Mirkwood, Rivendell and even on the treacherous High Pass that goes over Misty Mountains.

Build Lego structures

Players must craft items or build Lego structures to help them on their quest and progress onwards in their journey. These structures are called Instruction Builds and add a new dimension to the game as they combine the block building features of Lego with video entertainment.

Play as a familiar character

In The Hobbit, players can play as each of the movies main characters, however the game will swap between the two exploration points automatically and teamwork is key to your success. Using other characters powers and characteristics will also help your progress and the Dwarves play a large part in assisting with their often amusing abilities. By combining characters unique abilities players can overcome every obstacle that’s placed before them, but this might just require some creative thinking!

Riddles that thrill

The Hobbit not only features all your favourite characters and Lego, it also boasts some brain-straining riddles that will help players learn how to wield the power of the Ring. Players can also use their creativity and forge items in the Blacksmith shop to help them on their journey.

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