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LG F12A8TDA 6 Motion DD Washing Machine with 8kg Load, A+++ Energy Rating, 1400rpm Spin Speed (White)
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LG F12A8TDA 6 Motion DD Washing Machine with 8kg Load, A+++ Energy Rating, 1400rpm Spin Speed (White)

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Smart wash technology

The LG 6 Motion DD washing machine makes use of 6 Motion Direct Drive technology which enables it to perform a variety of different drum motions or a combination of drum motions that depend on the programme selected. This allows for a quicker, quieter, more effective wash and ensures that even the most ingrained dirt is lifted and removed from all types of fabric. This appliance also boasts an Inverter Direct Drive motor that is far quieter than the traditional belt and pulley motor, and the machine is so silent you can even wash during the night, without any interruptions.

Large enough for an active household

This washing machine has been given a Class A+++ energy rating and it's both economical and environmentally conscious. The 8kg drum is large enough for an active household and an average of only 50l of water is used per cycle. Using an estimated 175 KwH per year, this machine is cost-effective to run and has an extended warranty that clearly illustrates the faith the brand has it the durability of its products. Some 14 different programmes ensure that there is wash suited to every requirement, whether it's for delicates and baby clothes, or for sportswear or blankets and bedding. Each wash penetrates deeply but is gentle and will not damage fabrics, and water temperature can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Fits into your lifestyle

This washing machine is designed to be flexible and make washing easy and convenient. The Smart Diagnosis system makes it simple for any issues to be identified and you simply need to call the LG contact centre and follow the instructions if assistance is required. The controls of this washing machine are also user-friendly and the LED display and manual dial make programming straightforward. A simple countdown clock lets you know how much time is left on your wash and the sleek design of the white LG F12A8TDA 6 Motion DD Washing Machine makes it a stylish addition to any home.

Efficient, energy saving and designed to offer the ultimate wash, this standalone machine will change the way you do your laundry and eliminate wash day blues for good.

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