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LG F14A7FDSA6 Truesteam 6 Motion DD Washing Machine with 9kg Load, A+++ Energy Rating, 1400rpm Spin Speed (Black)
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LG F14A7FDSA6 Truesteam 6 Motion DD Washing Machine with 9kg Load, A+++ Energy Rating, 1400rpm Spin Speed (Black)

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Innovative Technology for Maximum Cleaning Power

TrueSteam technology uses steam power to clean your washing effectively, while clothing that has been worn can be freshened up quickly and easily with this innovative technology and be ready to wear again without your having to iron the fabric.

The washing machine alters the drum movement depending on the washing cycle selected. It uses 6 motion technology to care for your clothes, clean them effectively and provide the ultimate in washing performance. The filtration system ensures all clothes are thoroughly soaked, and the tumble system moves clothes from the bottom of the barrel to the top for effective cleaning. The special scrubbing motion dissolves detergent rapidly, while the stepping action moves clothes from the top to the bottom to reduce creases.

The delicate cycle uses a ‘swing’ motion which carefully moves the fabrics from side to side in a soft movement to ensure there is no damage during the wash cycle while still efficiently cleaning the fibres. The ‘rolling’ cycle is similarly gentle motion. It rolls fabric around the drum, keeping it constantly submerged in the water. This is also a very quiet program, and this motion is used during the Silent Wash cycle to reduce noise.

Large Capacity and Top Specs

The capacity of this washing machine is a generous 9kg, which means it can accommodate large items such as duvets and blankets. The wide 35cm doorway also allows for easy loading and unloading of items for trouble-free, speedy and comfortable use.

The Direct Drive system is another excellent feature of this LG washing machine. It means the drum is integrated with all parts of the motor to ensure a smoother action, quieter performance with less vibration and a reduced need to replace the belt. Other useful features include a simple LED display which makes choosing and setting your washing cycle easy and clear, 6 motion technology for intelligent washing, timer delay function for adaptable usage, flexible programs to suit your clothing and TrueSteam steam power technology for enhanced washing efficiency and a reduction in creases.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

One of the most exciting features of this LG washing machine is its energy-efficiency. Rated at A+++, the machine carefully chooses the amount of water needed for each wash depending on the amount of fabric inside the drum. In this way, no water is wasted and less energy is used for each cycle, reducing your carbon footprint while still giving the highest performance in washing.

The energy savings provided by this LG washing machine will not only help protect and care for the environment — they will also result in a reduced electricity bill and excellent savings for the household.

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