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Magimix M190 Citiz & Milk Nespresso System Coffee Maker - Black (11300)
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Magimix M190 Citiz & Milk Nespresso System Coffee Maker - Black (11300)

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Coffee-Shop Taste at Home

The Magimix M190 uses Nespresso capsules to produce high-quality delicious espresso that rivals the taste of anything you'd find in your local coffee shop. The aluminium capsules are hermetically sealed to keep the contents fresh, and they contain only the highest-quality ingredients. The result is a rich, delicious coffee with a fine, delicate and multifaceted aroma. All this is produced in your home kitchen with a level of speed and convenience that almost rivals cheap instant coffee. There are many variants available in the Nespresso system (a trademark Nestle brand) to suit every possible taste.

Traditional Coffee — High-Tech Solution

The delicately balanced flavours and aromas of Nespresso are built on a long coffee-making tradition. The Magimix M190, however, uses the latest technology to implement the subtleties of the perfect espresso with the bare minimum of human effort. The temperature and pressure of the water and the length of time given over to the extraction process have all been minutely calculated for best results. Water sizing is programmable for different types and sizes of coffee, and there are plenty of other programmable settings to tailor your coffee to your tastes. An energy-saving mode makes it kinder to the environment than many other coffee machines.

A Stylish Statement for Your Kitchen

A coffee machine is likely to be one of those appliances that stays on display in a permanent worktop home. Magimix understand that you don't want some ugly lump of machinery cluttering up your kitchen, however delicious the coffee it makes. The M190 coffee machine comes in stylish black with silver accents, and boasts a sleek, modern design that incorporates distinctly retro influences.

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