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Monster Beats By Dr. Dre White Mixr Headphones With Control Talk
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Monster Beats By Dr. Dre White Mixr Headphones With Control Talk

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The Guetta Challenge

It all started with the famous DJ, David Guetta. He set Beat by Dr Dre a challenge to produce the world’s best headphones. They had to suit both audio enthusiasts as well as professionals and be super lightweight so that a performer can take them off easily on stage. They also had to provide a clean sound.

The result is a design that allows music to be heard over a crowd and reduces the leakage of a performer’s music. They are also capable of delivering a very deep bass at a high volume. There is a smooth sound quality at all volumes. However, these are loud headphones — much louder than others on the market.

Practical Design

This is an on-the-ear set of headphones that has been designed specifically for use by DJs. But they work for just about anyone else. The ear cups rotate and swivel behind the ears. They can be easily rotated back to give total sound isolation. This is a handy feature if you are sitting on a bus and want to hear what’s going on around you. You don’t have to push a mute button. Once your curiosity is satisfied, you can return to your music. These headphones will block out all noise, even something as bad as someone banging nails into a wall.

There are dual inputs on the ear pads. This means that they have a daisy-chain option. Another person has the ability to plug their headphones into yours so you can listen to the same sounds rather than having to share ear pads. The control talk remote gives you quick access to playback, tracking, play/pause and volume controls

Comfort and Durability

The ear cushions are so comfortable that they can be worn for hours. The headband is flexible and can be folded up and be packed away as you travel to your next gig. The matte white finish gives the headphones a stylish look but they are stronger than they appear. You really have to jump on them or run them over deliberately to damage them.

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