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Rayman: Legends (PS4)
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Rayman: Legends (PS4)

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Classic platforming

While some entries in the Rayman series have dabbled with the third dimension, Rayman: Legends keeps things deceptively simple by sticking to a 2D plane of play. But this platformer does not feel archaic thanks to the gorgeous art style, fluid frame rate and fantastic gameplay.

You make progress through levels by proceeding from left to right, collecting Lums and Teensies along the way and unlocking new worlds to explore. And since Legends follows on from 2011's Rayman Origins, fans of the franchise will be familiar with what is going on while newcomers can quickly jump into the action.

Multiplayer mayhem

Where Rayman: Legends really comes into its own is the addition of a multiplayer mode that allows up to four people to jump into the game together and take on levels as a multitude of different characters, including popular pal Globox.

While it takes a few cues from the New Super Mario Bros. series in terms of how multiplayer is handled, this is very much its own game. And since Nintendo's plumber is restricted to its own consoles, it is good to see this kind of platformer making an appearance on the PlayStation 4.

Rayman: Legends is both a modern platformer with bags of personality as well as a love letter to earlier iterations in the series and it is a worthy addition to the PS4 library.

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